Flackery Fall 2022: The Success Issue is here! 🎯😊🎉

Cover fall issue Flackery magazine - embrace success

Tools, tips, and strategies to power through challenges and reach your goals!

Are you stuck? Frustrated? Struggling to get to the next step? We've got the solutions to get you back on track and heading toward the finish line. 

This is the time of year when we all step back and take stock of where we are versus where we need to be. The Fall issue of Flackery is here to help you overcome all those little frustrations standing between you and success.

Learn how to handle setbacks with Radical Confidence and boost your competitive advantage through active listening.

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    Bust through obstacles and adopt a success mindset.

    Be sure to check out How to Hire the Right Clients & Avoid the Wrong Ones.

    • Lead with confidence
    • Build strong relationships
    • Succeed!

    Follow the links and take a look around. 

    Finally, be sure to read this issue's IRS article for important news about changes to required tax reporting for anyone who uses Venmo or PayPal.

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