Keep Your Weekly Goals in Front of You with Our Weekly Planner

There are two ways to guarantee you achieve/complete the goals/tasks that you want:

  • Write them down
  • Look at them every day

The Business Guild's Weekly Planner helps you keep your top priorities in one easy-to-view page.

The planner is laid out so you can easily plan, and then review and stay on top of, the goals you most need to achieve this week.

Start with your priorities. 

There's ample space for up to three must-do priorities for the week.

Not every priority can be #1, so use the Important/Not Important - Urgent/Not Urgent grid to help situate your To-Do's.

Then split out the related tasks into the applicable day of the week.

As you plan your week, there will be new To-Do's that pop up, or come to mind, capture those at the bottom of the page.

There's even a block where you can make notes and help you prepare for the following week.

Options for The Business Guild's Weekly Planner:

  • Save the PDF file, then "Open with" a browser window, tab from field to field to fill it out, then Save or Print (or both!)
  • Open the PDF, print the planner (or multiple copies of it), and fill it in by hand 

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