Sneak Peek: The Fall Issue of Flackery 🕵️🔍🤫

Review, Reboot, Succeed! Time for a sneak peek of the annual success issue of Flackery magazine!

The fall issue of Flackery is right around the corner and this week, and I’m sharing a sneak peek of some of the stories

The theme for this issue is Review, Reboot and Succeed and we’ve gone all out to bring you the content you need to do it.

Lisa has a review of James W. Williams’ book, How to Talk to Anyone About Anything: Improve Your Social Skills, Master Small Talk, Connect Effortlessly, and Make Real Friends, to help you overcome shyness and be more comfortable talking to strangers.

We’ve got 7 tips for where to find clients. — It’s something everyone wants to know, but nobody ever talks about.

We’re also looking at how to avoid being replaced by AI. -- A very timely topic!

We have a nice piece about self-talk and how it affects our success.

Lisa put together a super tip sheet with her top tips for how to stay productive working from home.

Veronica Hugh from PC Consulting is back with her pro tips for using a CRM.

We have a new planning tool to help you prioritize tasks. And learn how to use a commonplace book to collect your ideas and organize your notes. — I’ve been using one for years and it’s my absolute favorite tool.

The fall issue drops on Friday, September 1st.

If you haven’t already signed up, you can get your free subscription at

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