How Important is the Right Workspace? 👩‍💻💼🖱️

Woman with cat working from home

The sunlight lit up the room as it bounced off the freshly painted walls. As soon as I moved the desk into my new home office, I knew that in a room like this, anything was possible.

I recently moved my home office from the dark, unheated attic to a sunny, south facing room with heat and it is incredible.

After two years of subjecting myself to working in an arctic cave, I ran out of excuses. It was time to repurpose the small bonus room from a seldom used studio to my new home office.

It took two weeks to patch 70+ years of wall damage (the original owners had five kids) and three coats of paint to cover the existing dirty peachy beige wall color. But it was worth it.

As soon as I moved my desk into the new workspace, I knew that in a room like this, anything was possible.

It was a good feeling, and it got me to thinking about the role our work environment plays in success.

Yeah, technology gives us the freedom to work almost anytime, anywhere, but it doesn’t trump the benefit of having the right workspace. Especially when you work from home.

It’s all about mindset, organization, and balance.

When you go to the office, you leave most of the trappings of your home life behind.

You enjoy a physical separation between your worlds that sets the parameters that help you prioritize and organize your time.

This is something people lose working from home.

Instead of 8 hours of work and 16 hours at home, you end up with blurred lines.

You boot up your laptop with your first cup of coffee and shut down when it’s time for bed. It’s a bad habit that is neither productive nor healthy.

While it’s not quite the same as going to work, a dedicated home workspace can help you create the right work mindset by providing a mental transition from “home” to “work.”

There is also a physical component.

Working from a laptop on the couch is fine once in a while, but it’s inconvenient and unhealthy over the long haul.

Think about it. How productive can you be if you have eye strain, back pain, and repetitive task injuries from spending hours hunched over a laptop?

Even if it’s just an armoire, a desk tucked in a closet, or the left side of the kitchen table, the right home workspace should give you a place to store your work gear and set up an ergonomic workspace with proper lighting, seating, and a work surface.

The last, and most important, benefit of creating the right workspace is that it will help you achieve a better work/life balance.

I’ve been a remote worker for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve worked from coffee shops, client locations, a dedicated home office, and co-working space. They each had their pros and cons, but they all shared one common theme.

They let me shut the office door and walk away at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and working from home, but there is a time for work and a time for rest.

The right workspace gives you the ability to reap the benefits of remote work without infringing on your personal time. It’s not the same as leaving an office building and going home, but it’s a close second.

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