Workshop: DIY Your Website Like a Pro! (No Coding Skills Required)

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DIY Your Website Like a Pro! is the first tech workshop in The Business Guild's Get Your Geek On series.

We're going to let you in on a secret. 

Most businesses don't need a 20-page website built with a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. 

While there is no doubt websites built with a CMS make it easier for a small business owner to manage their own website, they come with a steep learning curve and require a commitment of time and money to set up and manage. 

It's worth it if you write regular blog posts or routinely spin up new pages for new products or promotions, but it can be a major headache and a waste of resources if you only need a one page website.

If you're tired of paying web platforms like Wix and LeadPages hundreds of dollars for a simple landing page or business card website, we've got the solution for you. 

 DIY Your Website Like a Pro! is a 3-hour, hands-on workshop where you will learn how to use a free or paid Bootstrap template to create a modern, professional, budget-friendly website with absolutely no coding skills.

With a basic hosting plan (usually less than $100 a year), and a free template, you can build the ultimate fix-it-and-forget-it website that will look as good or better than a site built with a CMS. 

Even better, most hosting plans allow you to host multiple sites under one account. That means you can create your own landing pages for special events or marketing campaigns at no additional cost! 

 Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year! 

Compared to LeadPages ($37/month) and ClickFunnels ($97/month), hosting for a simple HTML website usually costs between $70 - $100 a year. And there is almost no maintenance.

WordPress websites are a favorite target of hackers and require regular backups, updates, and security patches. It's a lot of work and those one-click updates never go as planned. 

This is where simple HTML websites shine. 

There is no database or complex coding. You make one copy when you install it and that's it. 

To put it plainly, if you can copy and paste content, you can build a basic website with a template. 

This is not rocket science. The only skills you need are the ability to drag and drop a file and copy and paste content.

We'll show you how to customize the look and feel of the template using cascading style sheets (CSS), and we'll even give you the code to optimize your website's page speed and load times. (Google loves optimized websites!)

If you're ready to save some money and get your geek on, check out the workshop. We're offering two sessions each quarter and the cost is only $75 for members ($150 for non-members). 

page updated 7/25/22

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