How to Conquer Your Fear of Success 😱🎯😱

fear chasing businessman away from trophy

Achievemephobia: Fear of success stemming from feelings of guilt and self-doubt

Have you seen the winter issue of Flackery yet?

Lisa had a fantastic, eye-opening article about the fear of success called Do You Fear Success? Tips to Overcome Achievemephobia

I’ve heard about fear of success before, but I never gave it much thought until I read Lisa’s article.

We all strive for success. Why would anyone fear it?

It turns out, there are a lot of reasons people are afraid to succeed. 

Some people’s fears are based on previous unpleasant experiences, others are based on the idea of ‘what if’ and a fear of the unknown.

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are both surprising and familiar.

  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Low-bar Goals
  • Quitting
  • Self-destructiveness

If you’re like me, some of these sound familiar. (Hello perfectionism!)

How about you?

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right, but still struggling to succeed?

The fear of success is not a conscious thing. We don’t intentionally sabotage our efforts, but I think it would surprise many people how often these behaviors stall our progress without us even realizing it.

If any of this sounds familiar, read the article. Lisa has some great tips for recognizing what triggers achievemephobia and how to overcome them.

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